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Complete, comprehensive vitamin/mineral/protein supplement for dogs formulated with real liver (making it very palatable).
R 112.00


Mirra-Cote Dog & Cat is a highly palatable supplement that bring a gloss to coats. It contains essential fatty acids, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, vitamins and a a balanced blend of marine and plant oils.
R 198.00

Mobiflex Powder

MobiFlex for dogs & cats is a natural and effective supplement that provides an anti-inflammatory effect to enhance mobility, ease stiffness, and aids in the management, maintenance and repair of joints and cartilage.
R 252.00


Pro-Lyte with Glutamine is a palatable electrolyte supplement containing electrolytes, glutamine and probiotics.
R 255.00


Protexin is a multi-strain probiotic. Use it to normalise digestion and stimulate immunity. It also aids in the control of diarrhoea of non-specific or dietary origin and should be used during, and after, all antibiotic therapy to restore stomach microflora.
R 69.00


Restores energy and life to the ageing and geriatric dog and cat. Contains procaine, MSM, lecithin, high potency vitamins and minerals, including zinc, chromium and selenium.
R 159.00