Therapeutic Jackets

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Hurtta Drizzle Coat

The Hurtta Drizzle Coat is possibly the most versatile ever. It features a combination of a raincoat due to its waterproof nature and its warming properties due to its comfortable foil lining. Hurtta Drizzle Coat is available on pre-order - delivery within 4 to 6 weeks.
R 1 099.00

Back on Track Mesh Rug

Back on Track dog products can be used to warm up your dogs' muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains or injury. They have the dual capacity to help prevent injury as well as ease and expedite the recovery of already present injuries.
R 1 037.00

Thundershirt for dogs

Thundershirts are an excellent treatment for most types of anxiety and fear issues that your pet may suffer from. The Thundershirt applies gentle constant pressure to the torso area, which has a calming effect for dogs when they are feeling anxious or fearful.
R 720.00